Pikachu Crochet Pattern

   In this article, We will see How to design a  Pikachu Crochet Pattern from the world famous cartoon tv show Pokémon, for your Projects.. You can use this pattern on any Crochet Top, Bag, blanket, kids wear etc.. This pattern is pretty simple, if you follow all the given steps.. Here is the step by step guide on How to make a Pikachu Crochet Pattern.. The whole pattern is made using Single Crochet stitches. So Let's start... Note: Make sure to make one slip stitch after end of Every row.. First we will make the Pokemon text.. Foundation Chain.. Initially make 81 chain stitches for foundation.. And after that make 3 rows of single crochet stitches, your finished product should look like the image below.. Follow the steps mentioned in all rows, and switch yarn from one color to another as mentioned in all rows,.. All stitches are made with Single Crochet stitches.. Let's begin with Row 1.. Row 1 :  All 80 stitches White..  Row 2 :  6 White, 9 white, 3 black, 47 white, 3 black,
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