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Panda Crochet Pattern

       In this article, We will see How to design a Panda Crochet Pattern for your Projects.. You can use this pattern on any Crochet Top, Bag, blanket, kids wear etc.. This pattern is pretty simple, if you follow all the given steps.. Here is the step by step guide on How to make a Panda Crochet Pattern.. The whole pattern is made using Single Crochet stitches. This pattern is made from bottom to top , in a reverse order.. If you wish to make it in the top to bottom order, then you will need to start from the bottom most row ( row 42) and work all the way up to the top (row 1) in a reverse order.. you can follow any order whichever suits you.. So Let's start... Note: Make sure to make one slip stitch after end of Every row.. Foundation Chain.. To begin this Pattern, you need to have 40 + ( 1 stitch for turning the foundation chain).. Make two Extra rows of white after foundation chain, so your finished work in progress will look like this.. Follow the steps mentioned in all rows,